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Due to its ability to accurately identify both arrays of biomolecules, and/or low abundance biomolecules, hybrid mass spectrometry has become recognized as the gold standard for the identification of commercially significant biomarkers. The detection of these biomarkers in samples such as tissues, cells, and a variety of human bodily fluids facilitates the early detection of diseases and helps identifying individualized therapies for patients. As a result, hybrid mass spectrometry, particularly when integrated with bioinformatics tools, is seeing exponential growth in the validation and discovery of biomarkers relevant to disease detection, disease monitoring, drug response and drug safety prediction, and personalized medicine.

Spectroglyph is committed to providing analytical services at unsurpassed sensitivity and selectivity using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies.


  • MALDI/ESI Injector - MALDI/ESI Injector has been coupled to and validated with all Thermo's Q Exactive and hybrid Orbitrap models. Our interface combines orthogonal ESI and front-side illumination MALDI, which could be run simultaneously. Spectroglyph provides a complete unsurpassed solution for tissue imaging applications.
  • IFT Injector - A “front end” add-on which drastically lowers the limit of detection and improves desolvation of both intact protein complexes and proteins ionized from highly complex biochemical mixtures.
  • Smart MSMS - Our Smart MS2 software suite is used to efficiently control hybrid ion trap FTMS instruments manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • IMS Orbitrap - Our novel IMS instrument coupled to a Thermo Fisher Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap™ mass spectrometer enables both sequencing and structural characterization of proteins from complex biochemical mixtures.

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