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IFT Injector

Spectroglyph, LLC. is proud to announce a new product based on Ion Funnel Technology designed to improve mass spectrometer’s performance. The IFT Injector is based on orthogonal injection and ion funnel/trap technologies, which have been licensed from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). It is a “front end” add-on which drastically lowers the limit of detection and improves desolvation of both intact protein complexes and proteins ionized from highly complex biochemical mixtures .

IFTInjector Interface.png
Figure 1: IFT Injector Interface Examples.


A number of different types of mass spectrometers employ narrow apertures (skimmers) to separate differentially pumped vacuum regions in the front-end interface. A skimmer is capable of transmitting only a small fraction of an ion beam and thus represents one of the bottlenecks for achieving higher analytical sensitivity with a mass spectrometer.

IFT Injector replaces your mass spectrometer's skimmer arrangement and enables highly efficient ion transmission through the elevated pressure regions of a mass spectrometer.

Limit of Detection

Typical improvements in the limit of detection vary from 5X to 100X depending on the mass spectrometer. One to two orders of magnitude higher sensitivity has been shown while employing the IFT Injector (Figure 2 & 3) . Our data has shown that the number of unique proteins identified from a highly complex biochemical mixture greatly improves when the IFT was coupled to Thermo’s Q-Exactive mass spectrometer (Figure 4).

Figure 2: Sensitivity increases 20 to 100 fold.

Figure 3: Detection increases from 5X to 100X

Figure 4: Unique proteins identified from a
highly complex biochemical mixture.

Protein Complex Analysis

Efficient desolvation (Figure 5) in the IFT interface facilitates detection and fragmentation of native protein complexes.

Figure 5: Protein Complexes.

Reduced Contamination

Orthogonal injection of ions into the RF field eliminates/drastically reduces instrument contamination; coefficient of variable is less than 5% was observed in direct infusion (Figure 6) and less than 10 % in LC-MS analysis of complex samples; full programmatic control, turn-key device amenable to custom-engineering.

Figure 6: Reduces instrument contamination.

Contact Us

Due to proven performance enhancing capabilities, the IFT Injector has already received interest from major mass spectrometer OEMs and individual customers. Interested customers and distributors can contact us for a quotation by writing to info@spectroglyph.com.
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